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For the Armchair Hiker

Posted by William Sellers - 3/26/2012

Don't have time to get the Grand Canyon?  Not much of a hiker?  Well then, grab a granola bar and kick back with the Nature Valley Trail View!  It's Google Street View for hiking trails and if that doesn't immediately interest you, just check out this scene from the "strenuous" Thunder River Trail:



Not too shabby for sitting at a computer.


General Mills had the idea pitched to them by the advertising agency McCann Erickson and depending on the success of the campaign might expand both the coverage and the brands involved in the effort.  As for now, "Nature Valley Trail View features first-person perspectives from three different parks: Yellowstone, the Great Smoky Mountains, and the Grand Canyon, all shot from the perspective of a lone hiker, humping the twenty-odd pounds of Dodeca's 11-lens camera that was needed to shoot the 360-degree view."


Happy trails to you!


[via PC Magazine]


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