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Customer Testimonials

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Customer Testimonials

Read what you've been saying about us!

Susan from New York
I just wanted to say thank you. I ordered a share of Starbucks for a good friend of mine and the experience from beginning to end was wonderful. I have never been comfortable ordering products online and you guys made it a snap! When we got the stock, we were so impressed by the quality. Thank you Oneshare!

Albert from Illinois
A great site, and they provide excellent customer service! I wish all e-commerce retailers were like OneShare!

Lisa from Michigan
OneShare really delivers if you are a consumer who wants to buy one share of stock with the paper itself in mint condition. They did not disappoint.

William from Florida
Product came on time, in excellent packaging and condition, and exceeded advertised presentation when opened. What the picture showed, and how it was described, was exactly what I received. Delighted with every facet of this purchase. I recommend OneShare to any potential customer, without reservation.

Ana from California
My experience with OneShare was terrific from start to finish. The product turned out wonderful and even better, I got it in time for a birthday party. The tracking system is also great, because I could go in and check to see where the certificate was in process. I would recommend this site to my friends and will also be re-visiting for myself. Thank you.

Paul from Georgia
A+ transaction from on-line information to ordering, confirmation, and final delivery! The pre-arrival notice went over almost as well as the actual gift. Many thanks and kudos!

Stephan from Michigan
These folks are the best at what they do!

Laurie from New York
My father always follows the stock market and never had any stock of his own. He was thrilled to receive this as a gift for his 70th birthday.

Tom from Illinois
My first order from your company was a share of Anheuser-Busch stock for my brother-in-law. It's beautifully framed and hanging in his living room! He calls it the most meaningful gift he's ever received. I've referred many people to your site for purchasing thoughtful, tasteful gifts of real value.

Mary from Colorado
I just love your service. This year I'm giving one share of stock to all my grandchildren, and I enjoyed picking each one out for the characters of the different children. Thank you for the service.

Angela from Massachusetts
This is my first time buying stock, and I found OneShare extremely easy to use - the site was very user friendly. The framed stocks with plaques make the most fabulous gifts. I intend on purchasing more items from OneShare on a more regular basis.

Rhonda from Georgia
I bought my husband a share of Harley stock from you for our first wedding anniversary (the paper gift anniversary). It was beautiful. The frame was perfect and I added a plaque to mine that said "To 50 more years of riding together..." I can't think of a better gift for a first wedding anniversary!

Dennis from California
My son was so excited when he received his share of Nike stock. Whenever he has friends over he proudly points to it and brags about being an owner of the company. Suddenly he is interested in the stock market and the business world. I had to take the share away from him when he went to bed the first night after getting it because he wanted to sleep with it!

Jeff from New Jersey
Over thirty orders with OneShare - the service is superb!

Noel from Arizona
Very neat idea to offer one share at a time. This allows you to have a little piece of a favorite company while securing the benefits of being a shareholder − without having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Charles from Indiana
Excellent site, bought the stocks for my wife's birthday and she was thrilled. Stocks arrived very quickly after ordering and were in excellent condition.

Betty from Utah
This is a great idea. I plan to give great nephews and nieces a share of stock for the holidays!

Susan from New Jersey
This is the second time I've ordered from OneShare. I've been very happy with the products that I have purchased. Both products were given as gifts to family members and they have been ecstatic in receiving them. The delivery times have also been great (much faster than advertised at the site), the follow up email with a tracking number and a link to track your order adds a secure feeling to the purchase.

Mark from Canada
Product arrived before the expected time − very elegant look to the frame. Engraving was done very well. Very pleased with the product; a great way to own a little of your favorite company.

David from Maryland
OneShare is a great idea. I loved my purchase and it's already on my den wall. The stock I bought was from the company I worked with for over 33 years. It was a present to myself upon retirement.

Christal from Washington
When I saw that you offered Disney I was ecstatic. I bought my son one, myself three and my mother three. Everything in the ordering process went smoothly.

David from California
OneShare has been great. Now that my friends see what I have through you, they are wanting to get their own oneshare. A great conversation piece. Not too many people have seen a real share of stock. Thanks for everything.

Nathaniel from Illinois
I like OneShare's no-hassle stock buying, along with the variety of frames and options.

Lisa from Michigan
I love looking forward to each month's Share of the Month! What a great idea to build a portfolio. Doing one share a month makes a great hobby and I enjoy checking your website to see what new stocks you've added. Keep sending the newsletter, it's great to read.

Elaine from New York
I love this site! My husband and I truly enjoy giving one share as unique and interesting gifts for our loved ones. It always makes the greatest presentation for any event!

Lisa from New Jersey
OneShare was just the gift for people who are hard to buy for.

Joseph from New Jersey
Buying site un-seen, I was a little hesitant. Found ad on web site, I said it looked like a great plan and by George it was. Met and exceeded my expectations. Understood the wait due the processing of the document and the rules and regulations. Bottom line: I'm impressed.

Robbie from Tennessee
I have now bought three different shares of stock both for gifts and for myself. I love the selection of shares and they make great gifts.

Patricia from Massachusetts
I think OneShare is a great service. I do not like dealing with brokers and I cannot afford to buy blocks of stock.

Michael from Florida
I was about to purchase a share through my fidelity investment account. It would have cost me the share price plus 40 dollars commission for the purchase, and an additional fifteen for a certificate. I saved a lot of money via OneShare. Thanks a bunch.

Rebecca from Florida
I often wondered what stocks looked like and now I know. This was a nice experience. Plus my Uncle and grandfather worked at the Bethlehem Steel plant in Pennsylvania, and one of my uncles helped close it down when the main steel mill closed. My share is a piece of the family history.

Cameron from California
It was a beautiful First Anniversary present for my wife and she loved it. She now owns a little bit of Tiffany stock. Thanks for everything.

Curtis from California
I bought this for my 13 year old Godson. He really loved seeing his name on the stock, knowing he had a share of his own. It makes a great gift!

Jeanie from Idaho
I was looking for a unique graduation present and this gift of stock was by far the coolest my family member received! Thank you so much, you saved the day!

Mary from Georgia
Wow. Great product, great service. I wish I could buy stock in Oneshare!

Lana from Canada
I can't imagine a more timeless gift to give to a grandchild. I am thrilled to find a site that offers shares in corporations to help build someone's future.

Nanci from Rhode Island
Terrific experience with OneShare. My stock certificate was purchased as a wedding gift. The product was truthfully advertised and arrived well-packaged and in excellent condition. I was thrilled with the gift. OneShare provides an excellent product, and I have recommended it to everyone looking for an elegant, unique gift! Thank you OneShare!

Carol from Massachusetts
Thank you - my share was delivered earlier than I expected and it is wonderful. My sister will be thrilled Christmas Day.

Sue from Indiana
I do not purchase items over the internet often. My experience with OneShare was an excellent one. The product is first class and was delivered well within the time limit I had. Thanks for being customer-oriented!

Richard from Indiana
I have ordered from OneShare in the past, and that is the reason I placed my order with them for this order. What I couldn't believe is how fast they got it to me; I really expected it to take longer. I had downloaded the gift announcement but the actual framed stock was received 2 weeks before his birthday. Thanks so much for processing it so quickly.

Leslie from California
This was an anniversary gift and it is one of the most unique and fun gifts I have ever given my husband. After 21 years of anniversaries this will last our life's journey.

Harley from Florida
I was thrilled that the product arrived in half the time estimated! I have shared this experience with others in my office, who'll be using your services for the Christmas season.

Michael from Pennsylvania
A great opportunity for the average person to experience the stock market.

Susan from Massachusetts
This is the most unique and easy way to buy a stock certificate. I can't believe the quality of the framing! It's wonderful!

William from New York
OneShare makes what used to be a difficult purchase simple and easy.

Edward from Illinois
Thank you for the chance to purchase unique gifts. We are repeat customers and are already planning purchases for birthdays next year.

Alex from Minnesota
I ordered shares of Orbital and Trump stock - all are great and look fantastic in my home trading office.

Vic from North Dakota
You have a very nice site and I have ordered many shares from you. I have a wall half covered with shares. And, I hope to eventually have the full wall covered. Thank you for giving me the opportunity of ordering only one share at a time, thus building up my share library.

Daniel from New Hampshire
I was very pleased with the quality of the product we ordered. This order met my expectations. My grandson will be thrilled with his gift!

Suzanne from California
I was very pleased with the quality of the product we ordered. This order met my expectations. My grandson will be thrilled with his gift!

Diane from New Jersey
As always - a fine product, shipped as promised, and one of my favorite ways to decorate my walls!

Gail from Pennsylvania
I liked the idea of being able to buy one share and have it presented as a gift. It was a hit with the recipient!

Shara from Massachusetts
Your program is the best. Keep up the good work!

Carolyn from Massachusetts
I have used OneShare before, often thinking what a great gift it would make. A good friend's first anniversary was coming around, and I thought of OneShare right away - glad I did! My gift was a big hit, and arrived in plenty of time for the big day!

Louise from Florida
I am extremely pleased with my OneShare gift for my grandson. The frame and plaque were even above my expectations. I would certainly recommend this to anyone seeking a unique present.

Anthony from California
Wonderful product. Cannot wait to hang it on the wall. I'll be ordering another very very soon! Thanks OneShare!

Nora from Indiana
I like the idea of OneShare. It's a great way to teach the grandchildren about stock!

David from California
Thank you, thank you, thank you. This was my first experience with an actual stock certificate. I love it. I plan to purchase a few more in the upcoming weeks. The process was so easy and affordable for this novice stock purchaser.

Janet from Massachusetts
I am very impressed that my order went through and was shipped so quickly - I'll be able to give this gift much sooner than I anticipated. I appreciate all of your assistance with my order. Thank you so much for making the process as easy and quick as possible.

Stephen from Michigan
This is the first time I have had to return a stock certificate to you, for any reason. What I have seen so far is amazing! The prompt OneShare response and UPS pick-up the next day - is nothing short of miraculous in this day of bureaucratic hop-scotch! You guys are awesome!!

Kathy from Illinois
You offer such a unique product! I gave a share to my nephew on his first birthday, and I'm telling you, the party was abuzz about it. Everyone wanted details and commented about what a nice idea it is to give stock as a gift. Thanks for a job well done.

Archie from Virginia
I hope you do succeed and continue to grow. Your company does offer a unique product and a wonderful way to get young people interested in the business and investment world. Best of luck to you and OneShare.

Tracy from Nevada
I am pleased with my stock certificate. It arrived in tip top shape...Thank you...for your prompt attention to my situation and I would have to say that you provided a warm and concerned attitude...

Spencer from Hawaii
I very much appreciate the quick response and your favorable customer service. I look forward to using OneShare for future gift giving.

Betsy from New Jersey
...Thank you for the great customer service you have shown me thus far, and I am really looking forward to giving these very unique gifts from your company for Christmas.

Cynthia from Colorado
I just wanted to thank you for getting this gift out to my daughter for her birthday. She got it yesterday and loved it so much. She said it was beautiful. Class Act.

Jane from Wisconsin
Thank you so very much for the update. This type customer service is most impressive!!

Keith from Florida
Thanks all...we received our order today...only 4 weeks! Great job, and it looks wonderful....my 24 year old daughter will be thrilled with her one share of Vermont Teddy Bear stock. I have given her bears on her birthdays and Christmas since she was born. This share will be presented with a bear as well.

Becky from Maine
Wow!!! What excellent customer service you have. That was a very quick reply. I will be sure to steer others to your wonderful web site. Thanks!!!

Steven from Pennsylvania
We just received aMy First Stock for our daughter Julie! A beautiful frame with a stock certificate from McDonalds now hangs in my daughter's room. My wife and I plan to tell all our friends, family and business associates about OneShare. I will be sending you a picture of her to show you and your staff how happy she is! Maybe she knows what she really has-an investment.

Harold from California
Not only is the product everything promised and more, the service has been outstanding. My son (the bank manager) is extremely impressed with the quality of the plaque and will be showing everybody. May your new year be prosperous and fulfilling.

Scott from New Jersey
Just wanted to take a moment to say you've got a great product and idea with OneShare. I received our daughter's nicely framed share of stock and it looks great. Keep up the good work - I have told many friends about your company.

Lynn from California
I absolutely love OneShare. Since stumbling onto the site I have made three purchases. What specifically prompts me to purchase are the periodic email reminders. My first purchase was a share of Ford stock or my 13 year old daughter for Xmas. Two days ago we received her first dividend check - she was thrilled and impressed.

Ana from California
The Harley Davidison certificate that I bought for my girlfriend's birthday was, according to her, the best gift she's ever received. It is beautifully framed and best of all was that I received it in time to give it to her on her actual birthday. Thank you to all who made this possible!

Eric from Virginia
I received my first hands-on share of Bethlehem Steel Corp. I was so thrilled and excited that I went online and ordered a second. I can't wait to receive my share of Apple stock as quickly as I received my first. This isn't, by the way, just for the young. I am 35 years old and very much enjoy receiving a share of stock. Looking forward to buying many more.

Jimmy from Guam
Just wanted to drop you a short note to let you know that I have received the Microsoft Certificate. It came through just like clock work. Thanks for all your effort in making this happen. This was a pleasant experience and I will be ordering other certificates...

Stuart from the United Kingdom
I received one share of Ducati stock for my son today. The quality of it is beyond my expectations. It is worth every penny and more. Many thanks.

Amber from Florida
My son won a free My First Stock from a baby contest. I just received it by mail today and I loved it. It is hanging in his nursery. When he is older I will tell him all about it and how he won it. Thank you for such a wonderful gift!

Robert from West Virginia
My UPS man has delivered my 2 (single) shares of RCL that will be Christmas gifts. I can honestly say I am 100% satisfied with your company and product. I never expected such fast service and the quality of your frames is equal to my local frame store. Thank you.

Flynn from South Carolina
Last December I gave my one year old daughter a framed share of Coca Cola stock for her first birthday. We had lots of friends and family members over to our house and it was the focus of the party!

Sean from Illinois
I'm writing to let you know of what a pleasant experience I had dealing with Customer Service on the phone today. They were very polite, professional, helpful, and personable. I will gladly do business with your company again in the future.

Sue from Florida
I am writing you to tell you how happy and impressed I am with the framed certificate. It is absolutely beautiful. I am so happy with it. The young lady who took my order was so polite - she was terrific.

Kris from Oklahoma
I recently had the privilege of doing business with the company and I am very pleased with the results. I purchased a single share of Action Performance and Speedway Motorsports stock and I am very pleased with your performance and speedy process. I believe that the one share concept is an extraordinary idea. Keep up the excellent work.

Ray from Florida
Thank you and the person who did an outstanding job putting my Disney certificate together. She made my initial contact with OneShare a very pleasant experience. The service and the product delivered were outstanding. That experience has made me an advocate of OneShare who is eagerly looking forward to seeing the same quality of outstanding orders recently placed.

LaCole from Mississippi
This is a great site! I'll tell all my friends about this great gift idea, and will be giving shares to friends and family. OneShare makes great gifts for people who are learning about stocks, or who may want to feel like they are part of Wall Street!

Ken from New Jersey
This is the second order I've placed with OneShare, and I love it. I have been investing for quite a few years, and feel this is a great gift idea.

Rand from Washington
Fantastic experience. Ordered online, but needed some quick questions answered and called in for help. Got someone immediately and completed my order. Received updates every few weeks via email while awaiting delivery. Thank you! I'll be buying many more!

Stephen from Pennsylvania
The quality of the framing and matting represented a good value and it was carefully packed. This is a very unique collectible that was offered at a fair price. I will be purchasing other shares from this company.

Kevyn from California
...a very easy purchase, no hassles and the product delivered was on time and in perfect condition. I would recommend them to my friends and family!

Leslie from California
This was an anniversary gift - one of the most unique and fun gifts I've given my husband. After 21 years of anniversaries this will last our life's journey. What a great memento!

Martha from Maryland
This is my second purchase from OneShare this month; a wonderful opportunity for folks who who are unable to invest heavily in the stock market. The stocks have made wonderful gifts.

Toni from Florida
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Investing is something we all want to teach our children. Your site makes it easy. I especially like the frames and plaques because children often times cannot appreciate a simple piece of paper as a gift, even if it is valuable. The gift wrapping was another thoughtful option. Thanks again for making my life easier.

Richard from Indiana
What I couldn't believe is how fast they got it to me; I really expected it to take longer. I'd downloaded the gift announcement, but the actual framed stock was received 2 weeks before his birthday. Thanks so much for processing it so quickly.

Michelle from Pennsylvania
This is a wonderful idea. I purchased one share of Ducati as a gift for my boyfriend, and he loved it. Now we are using OneShare when we need a unique gift or when we are buying for someone who has everything! Thanks!

Maxine from Utah
I always receive great service from OneShare. Thank you so much for this great service. The stocks are beautifully framed. It makes gift giving so easy.

Heather from Canada
I was very impressed with the speed at which my items were delivered. I received them a lot faster than the quoted time (I still would have been happy to wait the 8 weeks, but 1 and a half was terrific)! Thanks! My husband was very happy and surprised by his anniversary gift.

Tia from California
So quick and easy, my 18 month old son is now a stockholder!

Nanci from Rhode Island
Terrific experience with OneShare. My stock certificate was purchased as a wedding gift. The product was truthfully advertised and arrived well-packaged and in excellent condition. I was thrilled. OneShare provides an excellent product, and I have recommended it to everyone looking for an elegant, unique gift! Thank you OneShare!

Janice from New Jersey
My share purchase was for my newborn great niece. It was a wonderful hit as a gift. The quality of the frame and presentation is superb. Thank you for a great gift idea and top quality shopping experience.

Jeanie from Idaho
I was looking for a unique graduation gift and this gift of a share was by far the coolest one my family member received! Thank you so much, you saved the Day!

Brenda from New York
I find that one share given as a gift is a completely different type of gift and is therefore remembered much longer by the person receiving it, as opposed to a shirt or tie. I plan to buy this type of gift for children and adults much more frequently.

Heather from Canada
The whole experience was quick, easy and well stated. It was exactly what I was looking for and we can't wait to receive our certificate! I felt that my transaction was very secure, especially due to Verisign's involvement. Thank you.

Lynda from New Jersey
OneShare in my opinion is a wonderful and exciting gift concept. I purchased the Walt Disney My First Stock Program for my infant son and not knowing much about the stock market myself had the opportunity to learn through reading the children's book that was enclosed in the program. I have returned to purchase the LeapFrog Stock for his first Birthday since we have a lot of LeapFrog toys in our home. I really appreciate OneShare and will definitely be back to purchase more in the near future. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to teach my son about how the stock market really works. Keep up the fantastic work.

Janice from Virginia
I am very pleased to have this opportunity to provide my son a share of stock. He plans to major in business at college and has talked about wanting to own stock. This will be a great birthday gift for his 20th birthday.

Jeanie from Idaho
I am so impressed with this site - I was having a hard time finding a neat graduation gift for my little sister, and this solved my problem! I was also relieved to see the VeriSign logo on the page, it is comforting to know your purchases online are being watched for you!

Michael from Michigan
Excellent site. Easy to use, and they delivered on time. This was the fifth gift I have purchased from OneShare and everything has been top notch. I will return, as I am 100% happy with the site and what it offers. Thank you.

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