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Order Processing Timetable

Your One Share of Stock® gift order is very special, and the time needed for gift fulfillment will take some special processing. We will be working with over four institutions over the next four to eight weeks to make your OneShare.com gift of stock is just right!

How the Process Works

Week 1 Weeks 2-3 Weeks 4-5 Weeks 6-7 Week 8

Confirmation We make sure that the shareholder's name and address will be spelled correctly on the stock certificate.

We allow a forty-eight hour time period in which the customer may phone in (1-888-777-6919) any spelling corrections. This is very important. Once the registration period begins, changes cannot be corrected until the certificate is issued. Please also check the spelling of your plaque inscription if you ordered one.

Registration We lock in the underlying cost of the "Single Share"™ stock price for your gift of one framed share, and start the registration process.

We work with several different firms in the registration process to secure the share, and register the shareholder with the company chosen by the purchaser. Once the registration process is in motion, stock ownership will be transferred to the assigned shareholder. The stock cost may no longer be returned if the order is cancelled.

Certificate Processing The name of the shareholder on record is being printed on the stock certificate; special handling is requested so that the stock certificate is not folded.

The printing date of the shareholder's name on the certificate indicates the official date of ownership. We ensure that the stock certificate is unfolded, but the certificate may have very minor abnormalities which are inherent in the printing process. At this stage in processing, the certificate cannot be returned; hence our service fee plus the stock price cannot be refunded.

Framing Your certificate has arrived at our framing facilities, and we are ready to frame!

Our framing staff will assure that your stock certificate arrived in good condition and then will custom frame your certificate to your specifications.

Shipping Your OneShare.com gift is being picked up and shipped by Fed-Ex, and will arrive soon!

We pack your certificate in a specially designed shipping box and prepare the packages for pick-up. Fed-Ex will automatically send an email to the purchaser, providing a tracking number and a link for tracking our gift shipment online.

Questions? If you have any questions about your order, please email us or call 1-888-777-6919 (M-F, 9AM-5PM PST).

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