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My First Stock

My First Stock

My First Stock for Babies! My First Stock for Kids! My First Stock for Teens!


What better way for kids to learn about stock than by being shareholders? Instead of growing up an everyday consumer, My First Stock kids own stock in companies they can relate to, like Disney, McDonald’s, Mattel and more! At OneShare you can purchase a stock of your choice, then personalize it by adding an engraved message, a custom matte and one of many gorgeous frames.

So next time you’re thinking of buying the hottest video game, or a cute little rattle, think bigger.Think ownership. It’s a gift that lasts a lifetime, and one that could spark a career choice, or even an entrepreneurial spirit. And that’s something no rattle can do, no matter how cute it is!

Rave reviews for My First Stock

"I gave a share to two of my grandsons, age 11 and 3! After the party was over I asked my younger grandson if the boys liked their gift. He was very excited, teling me how much they were bragging about being shareholders! I'm not sure if they read the annual reports, but I do know that they follow their stock on TV with their father. I believe stock opened their minds to thinking about money in more constructive ways!"
- Elizabeth
"She doesn't feel like an owner yet (she's only 2 years old), but I know that one day she'll be thrilled to own her stock and read her annual reports. I'm sure that this will influence her to watch her spending habits once she grows just a bit!"
- Brittany
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