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A Great Gift Idea

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There are good reasons why OneShare has been
in the news as "A Great Gift Idea!"

Unique Your stock certificate is rare and hard to acquire. Stock certificates are rich with historical and collectible value. Stock certificates are auctioned regularly, and often fetch hundreds of dollars (see our OneShare Collectibles).

Lasting Your valuable stock certificate is hand-framed with museum quality frames. The archival materials used will safely protect your certificate for generations.

Meaningful One share ownership is a fun and personal way to connect with your favorite company, and it can be inspirational too. Legend has it that Rockefeller was given one share of stock as a child as a gift which curiosity aspired in him to learn more about stocks. We all know how that story ended!

We've developed a fun, interactive program for children that teaches stock ownership based on their one share: My First Stock Program.

Valuable Few gifts stand the chance of paying for themselves; this might be one of them! On top of the historical and collectible value of your certificate, the initial share is monetarily worth the market value of 1 share of the underlying publicly traded stock. The value of your one share will rise and fall along with the company shares. As a shareholder, you are legally entitled to all corporate actions including shareholder materials, voting rights, stock splits, and dividends if any are issued. Of course, one share of stock can never be called an investment because after all it is just one share, but it might have a chance to pay for itself and more one day, and it is certainly a great gift idea for all these good reasons.

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