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Corporate Inquiries

Your company's stock makes a perfect corporate gift! OneShare.com® enables corporations to use their own stock as branded merchandise. This exciting gift is one your employees, partners, and clients will truly treasure.

A Great Way to Say "Thank You" New employees? Or would you like a unique way to thank someone for a job well done? And just think of how your clients and partners will appreciate a lasting symbol of your business relationship. There's no better way to express appreciation than by making them owners in your company!

Brand Equity Your company logo is displayed on your stock certificate and brings a new meaning to the term "brand equity". Imagine... your brand on permanent display on the walls of your most significant corporate and client relationships.

A Gift People Keep Merchandise emblazoned with corporate logos is common: coffee mugs break, shirts wear out, and pens run out of ink. Stock is a gift that will last.

Oneshare.com® has been a leading provider of corporate gifts since 1996.
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