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Stock Certificates as Collectibles

Scripophily The collecting of stock certificates is known as scripophily!

The historical significance of these certificates, as well as their intricate designs and lithographed signatures from historical CEOs, make stock certificates desirable collectibles.

»See Our Collectible Stock Certificates!

In addition to our "live" one share stock selection, OneShare.com offers canceled stock certificates that no longer have stock market value but have great collectible value. We invite you to »explore our collectibles on ebay.

Oneshare.com eBay Store Stock certificates are already rare, but these certificates are even harder to come by because they are no longer issued.

Already Rare! When is the last time you saw the stock certificate of a publicly traded company? Probably never: ninety-five percent of stock transactions are paperless, digital transactions. Physical delivery of the actual stock certificate is rare and often accompanied with a steep surcharge.

Stock Certificates: Going, Going, Gone! Currently there is a big push to have 100% of all stock transactions be "paperless." Certificates WILL eventually cease to be issued!

The live certificates you buy directly from Oneshare.com will become valuable collectibles in the future! Shop today for your own, personalized piece of American history.

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